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Soooooo Holy shit dat sound. Yes please

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  • Brett Sylum Bergeron Glad to hear it sounds good. My exhaust is in its way can't wait to install it

  • I've been offshore for 14 days and I just home today. I think it was day 6 out there when I ordered this and it was horrible waiting to get home. I know that feeling

  • According to FedEx it should be here tomorrow.. But here in Chicago it's still a little to cold to ride

  • I feel bad for you guys. It's almost rideable year round. Lol

  • Got mine last year, I've been in love ever since.

  • Yup that's what I put on my bolt too. Great style and sound!

  • Not once

  • Have had couple of boot marks on it but ive learned to keep away .

  • Its so easy to install . Ive taken off my exhaust couple of time now as i now have wrapped my pipes as well . I cant wait to ride sad to see her in shed . :(