Photos from Brian D AtLee's post

New foot pegs, #7 drill bit, 1/4-20 tap, 1/4-20x1" titanium bolts (should have bought 3/4" long), titanium jam nut, locktite (Blue, so I can replace them later), it's going to be hard not to drag these, but I'm hoping for a little light show! And no more worn pegs, just replace the feelers!

  • I been trying to find some replacement pegs that would spark when I drag my pegs

  • I took one of those magnesium fire starter blocks and cut it in half. Then I drilled and tapped a few holes and bolted the halves to the flat part of my former GL1800's footpegs. The magnesium itself wouldn't spark. So, I drilled several holes in the blocks and pressed in pieces of the ferrocerium sparking rod with a dot of Loctite to hold them. At night, I could see a nice flash of light if a peg touched down.

    Here's what they looked like after a trip through Deal's Gap. LOL

  • That's funny, cuz I was told magnesium would spark on it's own...

  • Brian D AtLee It never did. Not once. The ferrocerium would throw white sparks out past the muffler ends!