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And here in Utah I just passed this.

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  • i didnt need religion to encourage me to help others i did it reguardless

  • Wish I could say the same, but hey people screwed me so I had to screw them which in term screwed me wayyyy more. Wish also that when my momma always said "two wrongs don't make a right" I would have listened. lol.

  • Close to megatron, this is his 3rd cousin, Albert. lol

  • I grew up with good morals and principles and an amazing grandmother who I still attribute to this day for my personality. I try to do good for others whenever I can. My dad is very religious (Catholic, Portuguese family, enough said lol) and while I grew up having to go to church and say my prayers every night, and that kinda thing, he didn't force us into anything or being a certain way especially as we got older. We also were more "closet religious" and what I mean by that is there was no preaching stuff to others or thinking things were better our way etc. We said our prayers and did good deeds unacknowledged and unannounced to people. It was more of a good character/humble thing than a religious thing.

  • My perspective on religion is simple. Not all people are bad. However, religion has started and been responsible for more wars than anything else on the planet. Religion flat out scares me. I don't give a shit what or who you believe in. However, I do think it is wrong to push it on to others in any way shape or form. Personalities differ from person to person, and some people flat out just need something to believe in because they don't believe in themselves. I love and hate all people equally. Religion, ethnic backround, color of skin do not factor into any of that. Open your mind and free yourself, that is the true meaning of freedom. AND back to work....... ladeda.....

  • I don't believe in religion. There's too many to say 1 is right and all the rest are wrong. I believe in god and satan and that's pretty much it.

  • Religion sheshigion!! Back to bikes now! This is after all a motorcycle forum

  • Hey now..... maybe you need to get in touch with your inner G to the O to the D mu fucka!!!! :-p