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  • Me and the wife are taking a long ride this summer and are looking for ways to ease the long miles on the bike , does it help?

  • DaleI have a Mustang seat and with a little "tune-up" riding, I can do 400-500 mile days pretty comfortably. That said, after a 400-500 mile day, I like a 250 mile day after. The only time I use the pad about the 300 mile mark in any given day to just mix it up a bit. I also move my feet around between about 5 different positions throughout a long day of riding. The hwy bar and Kury pegs sure give a lot of flexiblity about feet position.

  • Best way we found to ease the long miles was every 2nd or 3rd day getting a motel with pool and hot tub :>

  • If you have a stock seat, you are at a strong disadvantage on a long trip. My prior bike had a Corbin and I was used to a good seat. I got my Mustang 3 weeks after buying my used 1100. That stock seat is awful and the passenger pillion is even worse. After 30 miles, I was aching.

  • I have a mustang seat with floorboard s and getting some for the passenger(wife) wish I had howdy bars too

  • the bars and pegs really give you a lot more flexibilty for changing positions on a long ride. I think Kury makes some pegs that are longer and attach to the frame instead of a hwy bar.

  • You live in a beautiful part of the country BTW Dale Laudenslager

  • We lived in MI for 7 up north a few times on the bike. One year we did Lake Superiour in a clockwise fashion. And if you get back to Charlotte, stop over to Joes Gizzard City for me sometime!

  • Yes you have a point with pegs and changing positions, I remember doing that a lot on my old Honda, thanks most of potterville caught on fire a few years ago and was burnt almost down Joe's survived :) we have a weeks off in August and gonna see if we can make it to Washington state, if not , see how far we can get :)

  • Lots of good riding out this way once you get out of the plains. We drove from Ann Arbor to Tacoma via Trans Canada Hwy a few years stepping back to 1960's. Still a ton of mom and pop motels and restaurants. Was fun.