• Photos from Cam Morrow's post

    Looks like all you guys had fun this weekend, I was rebuilding the engine in my truck, at least my Viking provided a radio during the process

    • I doing the same. I usually use wolverine radio

    • Whatbhappened to it? Dont see many common rails fail

    • 2 broken piston rings. Lost majority of compression. It actually ran flawlessly unless it was idling. It was on the outskirts of cylinder wear for stock bore, but I bored it .020 over anyway. Common rails fail all the time of you push egts too high. This truck had engine blowby when I bought it, but I drove it like that for 3 years almost and it just now failed. Guy before me hot rodded it but I still have less than 18k in the truck with the rebuild. It would sell for 25k around here with a paint job and I just paid it off, so I guess I can't complain.

    • 22re?

    • 22r

    • Ahhh. Almost had it.

    • Ive got a 06 since new 220k no problems

    • Yea they hard to tell until you put in take on. Lol

    • I didn't say they won't last forever, but when they're abused and not taken care of, they fail fast. They're quick about melting pistons too. Its going back together with a 2nd gen manifold swap, 65mm turbo, and a dyno tune from garmon diesel when it's broken in. I shouldn't ever have any problems.

    • Lol I cleaned my camper and my neighbors got to listen to my wolverine radio all weekend

    • Keep my egts under 1350

    • Both my autos stayed under 1200, but this one being 6speed is hard to maintain the lower egts, it's hard to get the perfect shift like an auto. But the mods and lack of air didn't help