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So she lives again. This is not an easy mod to do folks. I do not suggest it if you do not have friends that can help or a lot of beer. My decision to paint this shroud orange plus the halo(which I havent wired up yet, if anyone knows a good way to do that please let me know) really is what caused the most headache.

Im not a fabricator type nor do I have the time to sit there and do this in one go. But with a few more modifications, some creative mounting/wiring and lots of cleaning I should have this done soon.

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  • If you have any questions, let me know.

    I have done quite a few retrofits

  • How would you wire the halos to the light? Its an xsb switchback with ground, 12v white and 12v yellow.

  • I wouldn't use the switchback because it's a single halo.

    As for white, you can tap into the low beam wire at the headlight or the running light (not turn) from one of the side lights

  • I found the best way was to have the halo come on with the ignition as a ridding light then a seperate switch to turn the headlight on and off .

    use the high beam as normal

  • I can retrofit anything. Hit me up.