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Just got my cycleshell in today. Awesomeness

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  • I was curious on durability because here in SLC they are having a HUGEEE issue with people stealing bikes left outside their homes the last month or two. Has people looking for options... so was curious as a suggestion to deter robbers.

  • Out of sight out of mind. It has 2 lock points where u can lock it shut. Pretty stiff, I'm sure if someone had an exacto knife they could cut it open. Pocket knife def wouldn't be sharp enough... Unless they sat there trying hard and stabbing it lol

  • I was thinking of drilling a hole through the center under the bike and adding a ground anchor that I can chain to the bike itself.

  • ok cool ppreciate it

  • Lol I have no intention of washing it. The dirtier it gets the more it looks like there's nothing good under it

  • I installed one of those anchors after my bike was stolen and I am very satisfied with it.

  • You might want to put some plastic tube around that chain to stop scratches on the rims. Good idea for the anchor!

  • David Brown what'd u use to drill the holes? I was reading u need to rent a hammer drill to get through the concrete.

  • I bought a cheap-ass hammer drill from Harbor Freight Tools. I'm no handyman, so it took me a while, but I got it done. I think the drill cost thirty bucks.