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Not a Yamaha but my new project

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  • I do not have any big red specific, I have some 250sx/300fw engine parts which are sometimes universal, I got a couple 25" tires, a set of 9" rims, that's about all that could be used on a red

  • I could use a tire

  • I just dropped about 200 on ebay for random stuff lol

  • I live in Acworth also

  • Wow. We have some folks who live close in the Marietta/Acworth/Kenmesaw area. We should get together and ride one day at Houston Valley.

  • Brad Rye, you in for a Georgia trike ride?

  • I'm down. I hope to be back up and running by next weekend

  • Chris, I'd take $40 for the brand new wooly booger no rim, $20 for the used square knob style on rim, I don't think it's too dry rotted, has had that amount of air in it since I got it a couple months back

  • Or best offer...

  • Pm your number