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Anybody ever seen this befor on a friends yz it has little dinpples for the base gasket is to keep it from blowing out

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  • What year is the cylinder? It will tell you on the side, with i d numbers letters along with stock cc's cast into it

  • Those hard to see # is 04233

  • Rough as guts. Can't believe what some people do. I have had to use grey max Loctite to stop them pushing out.

  • It will be a 93 that PE probably ported and stuff and they put their logo and job number

    04233. Better than stock

  • They can get very thin in that area after they've been match ported. That's when I started having trouble with my 125. but a very light application of a good strong silicon will fix it. You keep the silicon toward the outer edge of the gasket so it doesn't squeeze in and ruin the point of all your good match porting work.

  • It's a pretty common and valid way of dealing with the problem. You can put stronger and stronger sealants on there, but it quickly gets to a point where they start making barrel removal a huge drama (including cleaning up the gasket surface before you can put it back together).

    Strong goo also means you're certain to destroy the gasket every time you remove the barrel - which can be a huge PITA if you're doing running repairs, mid-ride.

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  • Yeah, in reality it's not far removed from o-ringing the cylinder head in high performance cars to stop them blowing head gaskets. I'd be a bit worried if I was taking the barrel off mid ride though.

  • A butcher got hold of it!