• Photos from Christoper Hill's post

    I had two different warriors! Both where pretty beast!

    • He respects it but does pretty good on it. He learned to ride within his skills early on. We ride the dunes a lot and he surprises me every time we ride. Getting ready to do a Thanksgiving dune ride at a place he hasn't been to for a while.

    • I just noticed the Batman logos. That makes it even better!!

    • Lmao yeah it was a batman edition warrior

    • That's awesome.

    • Wanna buy mine?

    • What?

    • Kidding haha warriors are really good quads

    • Yeah they are,both the ones in the two pictures never let me down! The one I'm sitting on had a mean f mf system on it with a brand new carb, it was a beast and the one that's in the snow had electrical problems but I sorted everything out within a few hours of me getting it!

    • I had an 02 Warrior with a DG pipe and an 05 Raptor 350 with an FMF pipe. They were both bullet proof machines. I got tired of my 450 buddies climbing the big dunes and leaving me behind so we moved up to 660's. The 350's are great quads and that engine has been around for many years.

    • Those 350s are nice! My wolverine was a damn tank! Never got stuck anywhere! The 660 raptor was something else! That 727 stroker kit is insane, I've heard people clocking out at like 120+