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Thinking about pulling the trigger on La Chopper pipes....pros...cons?

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  • That the issue, no one hears us

  • Now i am looking at the Morton's....decisions decisions.....

  • Like I said Christopher Cifone of u want loud get warlord cannons

  • The cannons are too sleek, not radical enough for me. this is the video that has me looking.... sorry for the time he took to actually crank it up, and not long enough.....

  • but his video also has a great sound

  • The down side to those pipes and the scr pipes like mine.when u fire it up and Rev it just be sure your on pavement concrete grass etc...if u are in a dusty area and u Rev it up u will be cleaning it the damn dust will cover it up..been there done

  • The faster you ride the quicker the dust falls off

  • Brother the amount of dust this kicks up don't blow off.

  • It's a good thing I won't be riding on dirt roads...

  • I have the mortons wrapped, this thing screams at the upper rpm range and barks a little just easing through town. Couldn't imagine her any other way!