• Photos from Cody Harrison's post

    Also how does my oil look?... Level wise as well as the color

    • Colour looks good but depending weather u run it before u took this photo or not is weather that's a good oil level (to heat up the oil)

    • That was the bike fully warmed up

    • Is that good or bad?

    • Good from what the owners manual says that's what I have on mine

    • Meh, i change my oil every 3k miles and my oil filter every other time. it's the cheapest maintenance you can do and it really prolongs the life of the bike. A 1 gallon bottle of Shell Rotella T6 5w-40 is around $30 and you can get a couple of oil changes out of it.

    • After using, Oil must look BLACK, meaning it absorves all the combustion product. Oil: The darker the better

    • My oil has never looked black. You don't want to see that color, if you want a clean & healthy engine! Carmel brown is ideal but it all depends on how dirty your internals are. I do 2.5-3k interval changes (oil & filter) so my engine is as clean as can be & if you keep up with your maintenance then yours should also. Stick with real motorcycle oil! I've used rotella before & there's so many cons to trying to save money & settling for conventional.

    • What oil and filter do you recommend

    • To start off, I DO NOT vouch for rotella. I use Valvoline 4T 10W-40 & the oem filter because it filters way better than the K&N. We have sport bikes & don't need that high flow, compared to the super sports. I'm currently running Castrol Power 1 10W-50 because these last few weeks have been over 100 degrees where I live in SoCal but I wouldn't recommend it for any region under 70 degrees.

    • I love the internet, so much bad data. You dont' want your oil to turn black Lucho. That means the oil is breaking down and/or saturated with combustion byproducts and should be replaced immediately. As for Rotella T6 its JASO-MA certified so no worries there. I personally been using it for 29,850 miles on my 6R and its fine. Of course it's your bike so feel free to do as you wish.

    • Well, take this vid a look, 2 mins long

      https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=oi_J4SZUlSo

    • Get rid of that locking gas cap before it seizes up, mine did.

    • Do you keep yours outdoors?

    • Yes under cover

    • Maybe the previous owner didn't

    • Possibility the weather got to it I keep mine in a garage