Photos from Craig Brackin's post

Layed down some paint today.

Used the dupli color paint system.

  • What paint did you use Jeff ?

  • yes it hardens up nice, and strong, but it does take a while. BUT it will never withstand fuel or other harsh chemicals, even brake fluid will eat into it.

  • I think we used Dupont. It takes time to "cure" so let it settle for about a month. We had some orange peel that I wet sanded and compounded out. First bike painted at shop.

  • I used the whole paint shop system for everything, only thing I added was pearl powder into the clear.

  • Love the color. A friend of mine went over that type of color with a red...sure gave it depth!

  • yeah I knew about the ease of the paint shop system, and wanted the bike ready for riding season last year, also working on a budget, It will be repainted in a year or so (was supposed to be this winter BUT we decided to start designing the house we are going to build.) so the bike has been put on the rear burner.

  • If you use a paint sealant it will help a lot. Someone poured brake fluid all over the hood of the camaro, it looked like cottage cheese the next morning but didn't hurt the paint

  • Brake fluid will do that to any paint lol.

    If it doesn't hold up then at least I am not out of much. I would like to spray a different clear on it but I am afraid of a reaction.

  • as long as you use another color from the dupli color system it should be ok.

  • Yeah their paint will lift. If you use a standard auto clear as well it will flake off. Trick to curing duplicolor is to heat to around 110-150 at 3 hours.