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Had an interesting conversation with the wife today. About items of intrinsic value over actual value. Like the cars for instance. The cars have much more value dollar wise than other items I own. To me, the cars are just stuff. However, my FJ is more valuable to me than the cars. I would be really upset to lose the FJ than both the cars. I can always replace the cars.

So this gets down to another point. Who, in the event of my untimely death, would get the FJ? Dollar wise, not that valuable in the great, grand scheme of things. But of great emotional value to me. None of my heirs ride, so who would get the FJ?

I want her to go to someone that would appreciate and value it as much as me. I've modded her and made her mine. I also know that there are other nice mods that can be done. So, with no one of my heirs to ride her, who should get the bike? What would you do?

  • Craig Ovadia your last comment is priceless. That is almost how I got my Vmax. My friend had a few old non running bikes. Vmax included. A collector wanted to buy all of them. My friend was worried that the Vmax would sit in a barn and never see daylight again. He knew that if I got it, that I would give it some love and it would be ridden again.

  • MY son will someday get my FJ1200.....He has been raised with me fiddlin' and fussin' with it, and when he was (much) younger we would carve the canyons with him on the back. He's a senior in H.S. and soon off to college.......but the FJ will be his someday. A memorable bike makes memorable memories......and memorable stories!

  • I have a '90 FJ project bike, but my '89 FJ is my first true bike love. I bought it in '91 with 11k miles. It has carried me to every state on my sig map over on FJOwners, in all kinds of weather. Without fail, she has always brought me home (the only exception being the time I broke the dogbones). I want her in the right hands, but not til after I am gone. Same with my XT500.

  • Amen to that Fred. I want mine to be used by it's new owner. But better in a museum/collection than destroyed by the petulants of youth,

  • I have a young daughter and son , my daughter is more interested in bikes than my son , but it seems they prefer the XS11 Special but both go to them. My problem is my ex hates bikes and would sell them for the money she so much cherishes in her life above all else

  • Im thinking of having mine cremated with me ...mix our ashes together and sprinkled over my favorite piece off road...which is anywhere there is whitelines on bitumen

  • Cheer up ya morbid pillock. You ain't goin anywhere till rex has been over and we have flattened some mountains together :p

  • That explains, why she´s your ex! :)

  • Oh Yeah!!! That is sweet!!!!. You have to show me how to do that.

  • I ain't going anywhere soon :-) I have a whole lot more miles to do.

  • Morbid pillock???

  • glad you enjoyed it lol

  • If i'll have no kids, guys, my FJ 3CV from '89 will go to my best friend's little kid.

  • in all seriousness, i would leave the FJ to whoever has shown it as much love as you have, be it a neighbour, a riding buddy, or a kid down the street. you`ll know in your heart who deserves to pick up the mantle

  • When one of us wins the big jackpot, we'll get together and tour the Americas and Europe. We won't stop till either the bikes die or we do..... How's that for morbid??? :-D

  • fj`s never die, they evolve :P

  • Ain't that the truth. So long as there's parts, there will be FJs

  • yep, or in my case, as long as there`s parts, ANY parts, there will always be a rex :P

  • I've never paid any thought until now. :/ Hmmm....