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What's going on Fellow R125 Riders.

How's everyone? Probably getting fed up with my posts right ;)?

Here's the situation. I want a seat cowl for my bike but they don't sell it in Matt Grey. However, I have found a plain white seat cowl (£35) and the correct colour and lacquer for my motorbike (£30). So it'll be rather costly to do but the rear set but will look nice.

My two questions being:

1) Any reviews of this seller on ebay - anyone purchased one of them?

2) What's involved and how hard would it be to spray and lacquer the seat cowl (aerosol cans).

As always, any help would be appreciated. Stay awesome, ride safe...

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  • This is my channel dedicated to Motovlogs only -

  • Bloody hell, what crash protectors did you buy?

  • R&G where £105 but paid £70 for fitting at garage.

  • Ouch.. sorry mate but you got mugged there ;D

  • Definitely, can do them yourself in a few minutes.

  • It was expensive but I didn't wanna fuck around doing it myself. It took them 3 hours to do it... rather them then me...

  • I had to take the crash bar off once and it was the most annoying thing ever hahah

  • Exactly. For some reason it's very 'generic'. They quote me an hour to do it but it took them 3. I'm just glad it wasn't me who was trying to do it all.

  • Ooooh, you had bars and not screw ins. Fair enough, don't blame you then

  • Yeah, got a full bar through the centre...