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Took of the pillion pegs today and cleaned everything up!

Looking much smarter now since the tail tidy, crash protectors, tank protector and removal of the pegs... Just wondered - are there any rear pillion pegs infill?

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  • I couldn't get mine out otherwise....

  • Nope, just unscrew them with the alan key that comes in the Yamaha toolkit in the seat and wriggle them out. Doesn't take 2 minutes.

  • Sorted, tomorrow morning job for me haha

  • So in response to your question - for me Shaun - I did. (dropped my tail tidy) and took rear side fairings off, dropped the tray and wiggled them out after taking bolts out.

  • Ill have a look, if i need to i will

  • Cheers guys

  • Your bike looks great, how much were the crash protectors?

  • Looks fab ☺ it's the best and easiest mod of a yzf! Don't forget... like I got told when I did it, seat cowl or be prepared to put the pegs back on when it goes for mot.

  • £105 for R&G Crash Protectors

  • Thanks Stephanie! I've got a seat cowl on order - don't worry hehe!