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  • The kfx or yfz?

  • I wouldn't run kfx shocks with stock a arms. Thats a trip 2 the er waiting 2 happen way 2 much stress on ur ball joints n tie rods. The way it looks in ur pic n I now they are ur a arms are almost straight up n down

  • My setup was on a Raptor 350, +2 Full Flights with GT Pro valves, I had them ordered 3 months prior to the incident before Big Buck GNCC.

  • I ran stock YFZ shock on it bfore hand with a DJ wideneing kit and it was way too soft, zero preload and JUNK

  • Tim I have the same issue with 660 front shocks and the DJ kit. Issue with the DJ kit and running stock shock mounts is your moving the a arm pivot away from the frame, messing with the leverage ratio.

  • Move that kit in to the shortest setting, it should help it a lot

  • How is it more stress if under its own weight it pushes the shocks down? But i do understand what your saying.. With stock shocks on it drops to maybe an 8th inch or more down till it bottoms out on joints..

    Look I've got a 450R if i wanna jump and extend the shocks out.. i dont ride this bike its my wifes and it barley sees 4th gear as it is.. So this thing doesnt get jumped or rode hard.. She likes the bike but complains about the stiff ride even after i set them on the softest setting.. Im not gonna dump hundreds of dollars on aftermarket when iv vot something in the shop.. My kfx shocks are way softer and fully adjustable

    If i do ride this bike its to chase my my 3 year old around on his lil 110..

    And i havent 100% said i was gonna keep them on.. Wondered if they fit and thought id try and share if anyone cared..

  • Already is moved in. Still doesn't fix the issue completely. I'll probably be upgrading within the next year.

  • i heard 450 shocks would fit from somebody wasnt sure thanks for the info Dan Whisler

  • Like stated above they will push to max balljoint flex.. If you plan on jumping and letting full extension on the suspension flex to max ball joint i wouldnt advise unless you wanna replace them on the regular to insure they are safe.. The left side of the bike is tweeked not sure if its arms or not but i tossed the stockers back on..

    Once i get diff arms ill put KFX ones on for my wife because it will never be jumpe or rode hard so max extension wont happen often if at all