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    Last years stuff, looked a little to bulky for me and with trunk it seamed top heavy so I stripped it down to a solo and am looking for a pillion pad gonna toss it in the bag just in case? Shes back in getting redone once again!!

    • Is that a 1300? Or what

    • Very cool. How does it come off? Does the whole fender come off in one piece now?

    • Diggin' the taillight mod!!!

    • Nice work.....really diggin that rack....did you fab that ?...if not, do they make one for an 09, 950 vstar?....that's a perfect mount for my trunk

    • Thanks guys it's 2000 XVS1100, The rack is a 2000 and up off an FLHT measure twice buy once I learned the hard way! Almost a just bolt up to the stock rear fender mounts very close! The taillight just an led from Wally World frenched in and the rear fender, yep one piece the do sell one like it but I wanted to do it myself

    • Good job, looks great!

    • May I ask where you got the rear fender looks great! Where can I get one for a V star 1300??

    • Joe Loconte I cut and spot welded the sheet metal in myself and molded it in, I wanted to retain Yamaha's true stock look from the Classic fender. As far as I know there's very little out there in the way of off the shelf fenders like this for a 1300? There is a gentleman that makes that make a similar rear fender just a bit different in fiberglass but only for the 1100! It prices out at $350.00+SH but his work is very good, I bought a set of show stopper side covers from him and was really pleased with them.