Photos from Dave Harrison's post

Hard work,anyone any tips on getting it out of the pits,quite a bit of pitting,gotta save these pipes if i can,cheers

  • just don't want to go too heavy on the pits,don't want to have to spot weld holes,lol

  • 1500 wet and dry sand paper with polish is what I used on my fork tubes. Come up like new

  • cheers mate

  • hand rub with brillo,getting there

  • Yours might polish up okay, I'm thinking I'll paint mine black.

  • Same With Dave... You'd be suprised what a wet Brillo pad can remove..

  • marvel mystery oil works awsome watch the vidio on youtube about it

  • dont paint them black it looks good for a bit but it always chips

  • Dave's ones look fairly good, but mine are really bad Matthew. They might rechrome, but they wont polish.

  • yeh,mine are coming up pretty good,i can live with some scarring,adds character