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So Joe Poole Lake is up a bit with all the rain. Had to take sis's kayak out to check on the

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  • Too bad it is the ramp to the parking lot...and normally level, to sloping the oppisite

  • Hope it drops a bit. We're heading out there this weekend.

  • It isn't a problem launching with the water up....that is if you know where the ramp The issue you will have to watch, is that there is a lot of debris floating in the water...some on top, some just uner the surface. And beware...the fire ants that were flooded out are floating on top, and in the shallows if you wade anywhere...ouch! I imagine all the lakes in the area are the same..

  • Yeah, I remember the ants doing that years ago in floods. It's like little floating ant islands. The debris is def a concern of mine as well. We camp at Lloyd Park often.

  • I spend a lot of time at the slip, or in party cove. I'm at Lynn Creek Marina. Never actually been to Loyd Park. Is that the one on the other side of the bridge, past the big power lines?

  • Yep, we usually camp there and hit up party cove some as well. Tried to get a slip at Lynn Creek the past two years with no luck.

  • I can get you one....gotta know someone ;-)

  • Sweet, we need a 24'. Have a 212X. Last I talked to them all they had were 20'.

  • a 212 will fit fine in a 20' especially if you have the right lift. I have a 24' with a sx230, and I decked in 4' in the front. As the lift goes up, it brings the boat forward

  • UT OH.....Another thunderstorm as we speak...much more of this, and I can just drive the boat home from the lake :)