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Well they tried to build a floating bridge to get to the marina through the flooded parking lot.....but the rain continues....and the water keeps rising :(

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  • Hey o they sell gas at Loyd Park? I am out and the pumps at lynn creek are closed.

  • Nope^

  • It's crazy how much rain we're getting in North TX! Can't enjoy Memorial Day weekend on the lake because of all the water. DAMN the irony!

  • I barely made it under the bridge on Wednesday. We could literally touch it lol.

  • The state park pumps looked like they may be open the other day, but not sure if I could make it that far, and if they aren't, no way I can make it back :( May have to hump some jugs in..

  • I don't have a tower, so I may be

  • You should be fine, I have a tower it was like 10" of clearance

  • We tried today and ours was too close for comfort. It's a lil choppy out there and don't want to chance a roller pushing us into it. 14 212x

  • It may have gone up more since Wednesday. I was definitely nervous going up to it lol.

  • Looks like the rain put a damper on all of our water activities for the rest of the day. Should be some dry time to get out tomorrow.