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I said I would give an opinion on the Hydrojet Pro talked to Jeff at Cobra Jet. I had his originals, and was really was ok with them; but Pops drives the boat occasionally and wanted a bit more control. I bought the Hydrojet Pro fins as an upgrade to the original style Cobra Jet fins; because they were local, so I drove out to get a set. I got to talk to the owner and the kid who designed them, who of course told me they were the best thing out there. They said they had already sold over 50 sets in their first month of production and that everybody loved them. I assumed the ones that loved them never had steering fins before. They operate out of an airplane hangar with many nice planes; but they had no inventory to choose from like I was told, and I had to wait for them to put a set together; even though I had called in advance. So I went and grabbed lunch and killed an hour or two and went back and they only had one complete; which kind of ticked me off so I ended up leaving and had them ship them to me.

Let me start by saying that they asked me to share what I thought of them good or bad; so here goes. I really wanted to like them; but it was NOT an upgrade. It was actually a downgrade. I was not happy with the performance and told them I would be sending them back for a full refund. I sent them back and am awaiting the refund now. They just don't work, they do not operate as claimed, and have issues which I will try to explain.

First, the whole goal of steering fins is to compensate for lack of low speed steering; but because they are mounted to the reverse gates, when you bump the throttles forward in no wake mode the fins come up and provide little help. I never realized how far the buckets opened in no wake; but they actually open up quite a bit with little difference from WOT. And after having them; I don't think the extra strain from mounting them on the buckets could be very good.


As you can see, they are already up with the throttles in no wake mode; and the only assistance is from the very bottom of that lower point.

Second, They mess with the wake. They throw water up in the air which sucks for tubers.

Third, I had an issue with them binding up the throttles a couple of times after anchoring, and had to jiggle them up and down to get the throttles back.

And finally, and probably the thing that ticked me off the most is that if you don't put the throttles in reverse and the steering straight when anchoring; when you get back in they hit the ladder, and if turned just right, they stick out where you can bang your leg on them...and let me tell you...those points hurt.


Not fun pulling yourself up and hitting you leg on that!

So I decided to look at what else was out there, and decided the new Cobra Jet Venom Ultimates were the best thing out there for me, so I ordered up a set of them. They seem to be the innovator when it comes to jetboat steering, and they have a butt load of patents for their products. Plus I am not a fan of the plastic fins because I have heard several others that have had screws pull through on hard turns, and the Cobras are heavy duty stainless like what is used in aircraft, and I never had an issue with the originals which were stainless, and had been on the boat since 2006. Cobra Jet also has an add-on called Fangs which I would love to get too; but cash is tight, so I will have to see how the Cobra Jet Venom Ultimates perform without them.

Hope this helps.....I will let you know what I think about the Cobra Jet Venom Ultimates after I get a chance to try them out.

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  • As soon as I saw these posted on here I immediately wondered how they would have any noticeable effect in anything except neutral because I knew that as soon as you move the throttles forward, the buckets go up and pull them out of the water, but I didn't want to comment without trying them thinking maybe I was missing something. Thanks for trying them and confirming what a lot of us suspected.

    I also have cobras (from 2009) and I'm perfectly happy with them

  • I really didn't realize how far up the buckets were in no wake

  • The buckets are raised before any throttle is even applied to the motors. That's why you can move forward at "idle speed"

  • I think the newer boats have a staged bucket position in no wake

  • Ok. I haven't kept up with the new ones after they switched to "fly by wire"

  • Me either...luckily there are rich guys out there that buy them new, so I can buy them min is an 06

  • LOL. Mine is an 05. I didn't like the new cockpit with the "closet", so I stopped paying attention after that. ;)

  • If I get a closet in a will be off the bedroom :)

  • That seems like a lot of metal sticking out behind the boat.

  • Those fins are plastic

  • I got 7 stitches in my knee from my Cobra Fins. LOL

  • oh least they drop down though

  • I just got a bad bruise from thos points

  • Thrust Vector XL.

  • No fins are best :)

  • O ok just seems like a hinderance to me. We used to work at dealership back in the day and it was 50 50 on the fins. We've had our boat 6 years, no fins. But we have a Coast Guard Vet who can drive anything.

  • I agree with you on that, we've had our boat on many different lakes and you learn to compensate.

  • Ive never needed fins.....I can dock this thing in a hurricane!!

  • I'll never own a YJB without Cobra Steering. If a product comes along, offering a more control and a safer experience for me and my guests, I dont see any downside.

  • But you are a demigod

  • I agree, but pops needs them...

  • Hey Dave I'll throw my 2 cents in just because endorsed the hydrojets originally and while I do agree with the concerns of the wake spray (they say they are redesigning the rear support and will get back to me when they figure it out) and getting in the way of the ladder. I'm mixed on the added strain on the steering system but then again it's rare for me to make high speed hard over turns. I've never had the issues you've had with the throttles sticking though. I did lose one of the screws for the support brackets and emailed the company they mailed me new screw set within a week. For the record I have no affiliation with hydrojet but just giving my opinion. So while there are certainly faults I've been overall happy with these over my old Cobras (neutral coasting and reverse are quite improved - forward is barely if any improved). But everyone is entitled to their opinion which is why this group is awesome.

  • Have you tried talking to Will Owen at I think you'd find his product, Thrust Vectors, to be a well made and thoughtfully designed alternative.

  • I agree, everyone has an opinion, and I respect all. I am just not happy personally with the performance, if you like them...great. I am going back to the latest Cobra Jets though. I will let you know what I think.

  • I called but no answer. The guy who designed thrust vectors used to work for Jeff at Cobra Jet from what I can tell

  • After re-reading what I wrote, I would like to make a correction. The Latest Cobra Jets are tempered aircraft aluminum not stainless. The old ones were stainless; but I believe the new ones had to be the aircraft aluminium for weight to achieve proper operation. I am sure Jeff at Cobra Jet could explain why way better than me though. om_content&view=article&id=135&Itemid=72

  • I would deal with Will any day of the week. His customer service is awesome, and I like his product much better.

  • I can attest to Will's commitment to customer service. I have used the Thrust Vectors for years now and have not experienced anything you've described.

  • So which one to get then for ar192 lol

  • After everything I researched, I think the best ones are the Cobra Jet Venom Ultimate....that is why I bought them

  • I have no problem with anyone and I know many love the thrust vectors. Just giving my opinion. I did get a message after I posted my thoughts from Jet Boat Pilot and they said they haven't had issues with screws pulling through from high speed turns, that the pull throughs come from hitting bottom, snagging a stick or similar.

  • The newer ones with the added holes are the only option and give you a ton of control! Cobra Venom "Ultimate" the only way to go.

  • $?

  • LOL I posted the link above. Single engine $185...$199 if you order ez lock at same time. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to contact let him know I tried to explain; but he can answer things much better than me.

  • Okcool

  • you may want to look into the Fangs also for a package deal. I wanted to get them; but funds were to tight for now.

  • Well I should be getting the newest ones, being that I just ordered them the other day...should be here tomorrow. So hopefully I can try them out by the weekend :). Do you have the Fangs too?