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Rob Griffin I'm probably going to answer my own question but any input would be helpful. I got my JBS clutch installed along with snorkel kit and went for a ride. It has great bottom end power but I noticed it seems to be lacking on the mid range and top. It runs up to 40 great but after that its flattens out. Going down hill it did manage to get up to 50 mph. 1. Is it possible to put too much grease on the weights and 2. I noticed I didn't put the shim in. Is that my issue? Oh any suggestions on better tires for mud? I have 27 Roctanes and they suck.

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  • No I added the slug kit

  • I did the slug kit, sheave and gold secondary spring and I can only get 45 out of my viking wit 28s

  • Is that on the GPS or speedo?

  • Speedometer

  • speedometer. The low end is awesome but i just thought about something. I put slim in those tires about 2 month ago and this maybe the culpert of getting stuck everytime I go in mud over 6 inches deep.

  • Download a gps app on your phone and call me after you run it. If you are doing 45 on the speedo with 28"s, you are going over 50

  • Try the new itp crypid they look mean and you'd be the first with them

  • I've heard rocktanes suck in mud

  • Sti outback max

  • They are great trail tires but worthless in mud over 6" deep.

  • Yep heard good on trails and rocks also a tough tire

  • I'm running 28 outlaw and love them. When I get my lift on I'm looking at bkt