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Anybody done this ? Any benefits, I got straight through nightster pipes and ais removed, was told this was the next step

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  • I'm not putting a hyper charger on it and the jets are next but what about this idea ? Do you know anybody that done it, I can see how it would work but that doesn't mean that it does

  • Your issue is probably going to be fuel delivery choking out the bike when you remove it's back pressure with straight pipes, the stock air intake will keep up with the next couple of jet sizes so hacking up your airbox should be a last resort.

  • I see very little if any gains.

  • Just do the GAK mod instead.

  • GAK mod ? Enlighten me please

  • Pod filters under the tank, no air box.. done that on my 1100 along with rejetting the carbs and it runs spot on

  • Google it. GAK mod.

  • Is it not just an expensive kit version of going to pods? I done mine including the K&Ns and new jets for around £75

  • The intake air is baking off that cylinder...pods and jets are a cold air intake remedy. I've got the hypercharger on mine and it's perky on acceleration but I've never road with anything