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Well today it was really HOT and humid. I started the C3 this morning just to make sure it would start, then I pushed it outside to sit in the hot sun all day. After about 5 hours I tried to start it, and it wouldn't start. No fuel pump noise. I have the floor board off, so I checked the wiring. I have 12 volts where I should, the ground wire is grounded, and the fuel gauge wire is working as it should. Not sure what I should see at the brown wire, as it goes to a few things, but I was able to get it to start with just the fuel in the line. So I'm going to order an ebay fuel pump. I'll have to look at what's on ebay, and decide which one to get. I definitely won't be getting the most expensive one, but but not sure if there is really a difference in the cheaper ones. Any opinions? I'd like to stay under $35.00. _sop=15&_nkw=yamaha%20c3%20fuel%20pump&rt=nc&LH_Pr efLoc=1&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 Here's how it sits right now.

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  • Also check your air filter. I had the same problem. Come to find out the fuel pump has something in it causing it to jam up. I tapped it loosened whatever was in it and the pump worked. I replaced it. Now it won't start. I can hear the fuel pump running I cranked it and no start... Then I checked the air filter nasty. Removed it and it started right up. Just to be safe I sprayed carb cleaner in it. Far as I know it is still running..

  • Thanks. I do need to check the serviceable items, as this thing was rode hard and put away wet.

  • Get the felco fuel pump. I did. Scooter runs perfect sitting in sun all day

  • Ok, thanks. Is that one of the one's on eBay?

  • Yep. I paid 35

  • Ok. I'll find it tonight when I get on my computer. Thanks