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Made a lot of progress today, and the Little Bitch (that's it's name now) drew first blood. Oh it started right up this morning after sitting in the shop all night. I unhooked the battery and gave it a good bath. The woman that owned it from new must have lived on a gravel road. It was real dirty. It cleaned up well. I dropped the suspension down, about 2" front and back. I made a headlight mount (that's where the blood was drawn). I chose a 7" Hotrod headlight that I had laying in the shop. I used an old Lucas Headlight bulb. I like it! The previous owner had layed it down, so a lot of the plastic is damaged. The piece that covers the forks on the inside has 2 broken tabs, I have them, but super glue won't hold them. I might use my soldering iron and melt them together, then use JB Weld. Maybe forget the soldering iron and just do the JB Weld. Here's some pictures. Some of the blood too, as well as the damaged fingers. 3 in total, but only one is real bad. I wrapped a paper towel around it and wrapped it with masking tape. It has a real band aid now. Probably could have use stitches, but I don't do that. Maybe super glue it tomorrow.

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  • Awesome headlight, high beams are probably some crazy, and how'd you do u just drop 2"from each end?

  • I cut the front springs, and the back is rigid, just for now. I'll modify the stock shock and spring, or put something else on it. I will ride it rigid though.

  • Wish I had time tools and knowledge to do all that, I'd go crazy on mine

  • I might put the front fender back on. Not sure. Oh, it's cracked too. I plan on painting the "little Bitch", so it's not a big deal about the damaged plastics.

  • Got to watch the wattage on the headlight.

  • Ok, thanks