Photos from Dennilo Gosioco's post

Threw on a new clutch pack and springs on the bike today, I have to say it was to easy lol

  • Did you soak them in oil for a while before installing them? I believe it is highly recommended

  • Yizzir, one vid says 24 hrs, people in forums say 15 mins. I just left em in for about 4 hrs and called it good.

    I should have took a pic of the stock friction pads. Some where burned out and the plates were decently glazed over lol.....

    I blame peer pressure and burn outs lol.

    Either way super easy, no inconvenience on my part.

  • I see you had the AIS System off did you leave it off???

  • If U have it Robert lose it completely. Seal the elbow holes 45 cal shell casings. Generally only helps if u have aftermarket pipes

  • Mine has been gone for quite some time now Craig ! Was just wondering if he left it off and yes the casings work great.

  • Yep! I off'ed it 2 summers ago.

  • Did you put a new pressure plate or aftermarket spring kit? When I crack the throttle on my bike when I hit 5th at about 70-75 it sounds like its slipping. Is that what you were getting? Or did it just give up on you?

  • I know,its an easy fix but I'm in denial. Takes away ride time.

  • Ed Tipping,

    It gave up on me during a ride.

    I bought the complete 650 kit through amazon, had it next day.

    Came with everything that was in the pic up top. Heavier springs, new plates, and friction plates.

    Took a total of under 3 hours of install. That includes stopping to belt out some tunes from Van Halen and knockin back a few brews.

  • Van Halen good ridin music. I also like guns n roses; night train. Hammer down when it comes on!