• Photos from Dirk Sellenger's post

    One of very few Yamaha Jet boats in Australia, our 2008 SX210. We love it.

    • Another at an island off the Western Australian coast.

    • The water looks amazing! But where is the ice for the beer?

    • beaut boat, did you import it Dirk Sellenger?

    • We put four cartons of Carona and 40kgs of ice in that morning. The ice had melted on top by the time I took the photo, the ones at the bottom were nice and cold still

    • Not me, the previous owner did, cost him around $70k all told. I brought it for $34k so it's wasn't ideal for him, I believe the import duties and taxes were the bulk of the charges as they are on the new ones.

    • Thanks dirk I really love the Yamaha's, I have an old hamilton jet boat, goes anywhere, plenty of go. But lacks the creature comforts and only fits four.

    • If you only use it in the ocean...does it really even have to be registered in Australia? Always wondered that because when at the gulf I see big boats that are ancored there in marinas regisereed in places like south africa

    • Jesus Dave I have no idea, it could be registered anywhere I guess but in reality the chances of driving from another country in a Yamaha jet boat to Australia would be slim

    • Yeah we are given a house, car, boat and trophy girlfriend if we reach 18 in the states...j/k It is all about the world trade wars and how much the government can get out of us.

    • Australian price.

    • US price. You guys have got it real good is all I was saying.!

    • Awesome looking water, one day I will make it to Australia