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I have now used the 3M spray on film on my saddlebags. It was a little cooler than recommended when I did the spray and then it got down in the low 30's last night. This temperature slowed the cure time significantly, but I don't think it caused major problems. If you want to read the whole story I will be posting it on my blog soon

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  • If you only did half a lid, any idea how noticeable the transition line would be?

  • Don, why did you spray this on your bike?

  • Last summer they got scuffed and some scratches from my passengers feet while getting on. I didn't want to have to use rubbing compound again to get them out. It also protects against rock chips, so if this looks good once the sun comes out, I will probably do the front fender and maybe the fairing as well.

  • Paul, if you mask it well, and pull the tape right after you finish, while it's still wet, it leaves virtually no line. I did that on the sides right about the moulding/hinges, you have to look really close to see any line. It's what they put on car hoods as a bra.....if you look at one of those you'll see how it would look.

  • The down side is....some say it only lasts a year, then you peel it off and do it over. We'll see how long this lasts. The can costs either $23 or $32 I can't remember, but I think it will do at least 6 times. If I have to redo it, I already learned somethings to make it better next time. Second time is always easier :)

  • Thanks very useful

  • So I spray painted my JTD lowers with PlastDip from Dip Your Car....It turned out all the wrong colors (trying to get "close" to 2013 blue) but long story short, it will peel off under pressure washer spray....I wonder if the 3M will stick better? I know for my area, bugs=car wash, no if ands buts!