Photos from Doni Goodman's post


Finally got around to cleaning up the back end :-) also smoked the signals and Macgyver'd a headlight grill on there.

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  • So your rubbing no brake or turn in the rear at all?

  • Chris Cuccia - Im not that badass. If you look close I have small LEDs that are full running lights, brakes lights, and dual color (red/yellow) signals. - sp

  • Ahhh okay now I see them!! Had to double glance! Looks good man! Love the headlight grill. What are you gonna do for the hole in the fender where the tail was mounted?!

  • think Im gonna snag one of these yamy emblems for now untill I can find a way to make a custom one probably

  • Doni Goodman did you use those for turn and brake and running ?

  • Any pics of it at night ?

  • I found out that in my I live in, it's illegal to move the plate on the side of the back wheel..

  • Joy Burau that seat and headlight cover

  • Bars????