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What are your thoughts on an upgrade from the XJ6 to the MT09?

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  • Not sure if you'd care or not but the fz1 might cost more to insure.

  • Duane Peterson just watching the review and pissing myself laughing.

    Indeed it's the funniest I've ever watched lol

  • It's not Fz09??

    Okay this is how I see this bike..

    Wider tyre = good for knee dragging

    Inverted forks = good for stoppie

    Lighter than other bike = good for wheelie.

    No fairings or wind screen = gonna blow my ass off.. :D

  • Haha the xj6 still blows my ass off

  • I want the mt09 when I get my blacks lol light as and pop up like no tomorrow.

    I have the xj6 and only thing I hate is the amount of bugs and mozzies I get stuck in my textile jacket. Only down fall to no windscreen besides the drag on you from.the wind

  • Considering I live on highways and rural 100kmh roads. Winds a killer

  • i just wanna confirm MTO9 has the same size rim as XJ6 or FZ6R which is 4.5 inch wide, but because of the different power MTO9 has tyre 180/55/17 and XJ6 and FZ6R has 160/60/17

  • If the xj6 had the same tail as the mt09. It would be mint.

  • What about a fz1r

  • MT-09