Photos from Evan Kiskiel's post

Hey guys been working on this 85 225dr. Looking for your guys opinions on it so far. She's got a Timberwolf 250 rear swing arm, and soon to have the 250 top end installed. Thanks a lot!!

  • Nice! I swapped the entire engine in mine... Looks good bud! Did the swing arm mount right up?

  • Looks great. Welcome to the group!

  • Thanks a lot man!! I appreciate it! And yes I had to change the universal joint on the transmission to the larger Timberwolf ujoint. The only other thing it needed was a shock mount fabricated. That's it!

  • Thanks a lot!

  • That axle looks so much better than the stock one does

  • Awesome looking ride

  • Do any timber wolf engine parts go in a ytm 200 or a 175? Local guy has a motor cheap

  • Looks like the one I built for my Dx225 a few years back

  • Michael Wayne Burke makes the machine ride totally different!

  • A lot of parts will swap to a 200. Not a 175. How much is he asking for it?

  • Real cheap. No rearend. What parts

  • Clutches, cases, side covers, cylinder head I believe as well

  • Is the timberwolf swingarm a direct bolt on ? And will a 225 bolt into a timberwolf?

  • What size tires are you running on that thing.

  • Other then the shock mount the swing arm will bolt on.

  • My opinion is that you should sell it to me. (y)

  • 22-11-8 in the front, 23-10-10 in the back

  • Don't even know what it's worth lol

  • I can get it brought down to FL for probably $400-500. If the price is right, I'll pay it. Looking for one thats been done up that way.

  • Shiney Phil you'll be the first to know if it comes up forsale.. I just got it less than a month ago. I'm putting the 250 top end on it this weekend along with a wiesco piston, fresh hone, surface and valve job. Thanks

  • Awesome.

  • Little update on the dr.. Got a "new" original seat in near mint condition, plus lots of test riding! This thing will go anywhere!!