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Hello ladies and gentlemen, VMax and V4 owners of all ages.

Very glad to be part of the Yamaha V Max nation.

However, I've recently pulled the trigger on my forever bike, (a v4 of course) and I am putting my 97 VMax up for sale. Six bikes just don't fit in my garage and I already have one outside :-(

If anyone has any thoughts or advice to give me towards finding her a new loving home I would appreciate it.

I have placed a craigslist ad in three major cities surrounding my location in Charleston West Virginia and have taken what I think are good and representative pictures of my girl.

TIA Ride fast and ride safe

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  • So what is your newest addition?

  • Nice! Bet that handles way better than the Max

  • Yeah maybe a little, OK more than a little but it sure is a beast to move around back up and/or get into my garage through the gravel especially

  • How much

  • 3900. OBO for V Max right?

    Awesome bike great shape runs like a scalded ape (naturally) and looks fantastic!

    Located in Charleston West Virginia. See craigslist ad for more details please

  • Or feel free to PM or FB messenger