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The 1297 build is one step closer to completion. The Brand New carburetors were delivered today from RPM. Added is the stainless steel cap screws instead of the piece of s*** JIS screws. A nice added touch is the engraving of the jet sizes that were used.

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  • With the RPM exhaust, Foam filters, the displacement increase, and my elevation. That is what Randy figured for the best size.

  • He is probably right. But keep an eye on the tail pipe. I am at 3000 feet but 4 steps in jet sizes is pretty big IMO. BUT even though I "refreshed" my engine yours with new cyl etc. probably seals better. We are set up about the same other than the exhaust. I an running Cobra's. Still no bags here. I sent a question out to Italy to confirm the tariff code. No response yet.

  • Should have done flat slides instead.

  • Thx fred lol with RPM being so close I think I just need to go over there and speak to him and see what he thinks ... lol I love watching the progress on your bike fred ...

  • I agree with Fred, after talking with Randy at RPM I opted to have him send me the best rebuilt carbs Randy could pull out of his inventory and had them jetting to match the pod filters and Yoshimuria exhaust. I also noted a comment about putting flat slides....I'm thinking, "nice, but what does that does to my budget?"

  • Nice Fred

  • Budgets are understandably a factor, It a $1000 U.S. for a brand new set from Mikuni 44 MM from APE.

  • Willie Wright, I stayed with the OEM cv carbs for everyday reliability and performance.

  • do you have a link, I can't find any Mikuni carbs on APE

  • Good job :)

  • thats right fred i ran my lectrons on the street and it just didnt work they are race only tooo much fuel to be idling at a dtop light