Photos from Fred Roosjen's post

17 inch conversion

  • If You want fuel efficiënt dont use the fj . If You want to improve you got to do more as only gearing. K&n filter and exhaust change . Open pipes Will gain power but ll be more efficiënt once proper jetted . Theres never an easy fix

  • Changing the wheels get better handling and even more important lots of tyre choise. There is not much to choose from in 16 inch. To my believe the 16 inch tres available are all rubbish

  • Hè die gozer in dat trainingsjacky ken ik ergens van. Ik hoop dat ik hem nog bij kan houden met die fantastische fj van hem.

  • Still running the 16" tire.just wore out an IRC Route,cruiser bike tire,worked just fine and lasted quite well(don't laugh) Now on to the Pirelli Sport Demons...

  • If You are happy. You are happy all depends of what performance you require from bike and Tire

  • Got to say this: that bike is mine ! :D

    Fred did once again an awesome job. Looks f*cking great. I didn't get a chance to test the handling part properly, 'cause the weather today was really Dutch: rain, fog and euh.. Oh yeah! Rain :)

  • Fred, which 17inch rim is it? Fazer?

  • Indeed but xjr1200 wil do to. Its the same R62 rim

  • The Fat tyre really suits the FJ rear well.

  • It does. Best thing is changing the front aswell for a 3.5 j rim then tyre curves match better