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  • Depends on how long she had not run . Coal May have blocked the scraper and compression rings. Spray wd40 thru the carbs into the cilinders while cranking Let it rest for a while check compression again

  • According to my Haynes manual. The compression numbers are as follows. Maximum 171 psi....Standard 142 psi....Minimum 128 psi. My compression numbers were in the lower 120 psi range and I had a lot of oil consumption. There is no easy fix..... At minimum honing the cylinders and new rings are required. Freddie Novellino if you are a good mechanic, private message me, I may have a solution for you.

  • 172 cold is what they are built at from Yamaha. I'd run it with petroleum oil and watch the #s go up.

  • Want to buy it lol

  • Maybe the valves ?

  • Get it started it might just need the carbon blown out. Don't rush to any conclusions till you check it out. There are plenty on here that can & will help but you will need to have a bit mechanically ability.

  • Mine were all under a 100 when I got mine running. Now they are max 130, Min 105. Still runs well but is in need of a valve grind and rings. Oil in the cylinders before a test doesn't alter readings so looking at valves / seats as the main issue. Job for winter.

  • I think your right. I do have the ability for sure just not the experience

  • I built this bike two years ago did everything my self but started off with solid engine. I'm going to need help with that for sure.

  • put some oil in the cylinders and they shot past 180.... cranked motor several times and tested several times now they are from 110 to 130 lbs