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I have a question... which one is faster between a YTM 200E and a YTM DR 225 ? Thanks

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  • A 225 will have it off the line and the 200 will come back around with 25inch tires. They are both very similar in top end but I would give the 200 a slight edge because of the tires

  • Idsay i gets about 86.5km or so with my racing slicks on haha

  • My ytm 200 with a high compression piston will blow by my 225 on the top end

  • Loll

  • Well my 175 2 stroke will break your neck lol

  • Lol im not 100% sure

  • My 225 dr isnt super fast, doesnt go past 4th

  • Haha I'm always in 5th looking for more gears on my 200 but I keep up with 250r quad with 20 inch wheels

  • Mines a 4 speed tho

  • Finally my dr 225 is a little bit faster than my brother's 200e :)