Photos from Gary Bashor's post

The original bike that made me go just a little bit over the top on these old bikes. 1975 DT400B. A bit of a "bike Barbie". Needs to have different outfits for different terrain . . . after multiple top ends a survivor of the Trans America Trail.

  • Now that is one of the best adventure bikes you could have. Low maintenance and run forever

  • I am jealous of how cool Gary Bashor bike looks tho. Super bad

  • Now you're just showing off, Justin! :)

  • Hey I did post the lot forsale to build my new shop, well I think I'm sitting good now and havnt sold any of them off so I will have room to do them how I want too.

  • No wonder I can't find one, they're all here.

  • Justin, old you sell just one? Or are you wanting to sell the whole collection?

  • That really depends if it's worth it for me to sell just one, I have spent years collecting these and they are like my children. I wanted them all gone if I did part with any but I probably could sell them individually if it was the right price

  • I actually have very close friends in Hutchinson kansas also

  • Really? Well, I understand...but if you do want to, I would be interested in one that is restorable....I don't flip bikes, I restore to enjoy these old I mentioned earlier, can't buy right now, but would be interested in the future....for sure.

  • I sent you a message jim

  • Great, where do I find it? Sorry, I'm not sure where to look.

  • Go to my profile and hit message

  • Gary, what did the rear fender come from?

  • Looks almost Preston petty ish

  • Yeah or IT ish, fiberglass copy maybe?

  • I like the way the tail light tucks in close.

  • It is from UFO. I have them on several bikes. Very nice product and pretty reasonable. http://www.motorcycle-supersto nduro-rear-fender

  • The Preston Petty version is similar. They don't come in silver so I painted both fenders with, I believe, Krylon K02532000 Fusion Hammered Silver paint.