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And what does this bracket do I want to lower my classic 1100 does this bolt hole make a difference ordo I need to fabricate longer brace arms to lower it

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  • You need to make a set of these or buy some.

  • Got any specs or measurements I'll build my own if I had the specs

  • I made my own, it was easy. The only problem was that I made them to long so the bike was to low. I just took some flat bar and made two holes in the ends. If you take them of and meassure the old ones, then you make them "a half hole" longer. If you want i can measure mine.

  • Will lowering the rear affect the ride quality or handling curve

  • It'll do a bit of both. The 1100 has something like 4" or 4.5" of rear suspension travel. IMO, the back end needs to drop at least 1.25 to 1.5" to look different...which leaves you with not much room for suspension to actually smooth things out. Its a slightly rougher ride...but I like the look. I just made some links myself and dropped my rear end about 1.5" or so....and love it.

  • Most do not ride the bike hard enough to realize a difference. It is a little harder on bumps and would probably bottom out more if you are 2 up. I do not know because I ride solo. I agree that the Bike looks so much better when lowered. I was originally 3 inches lower and could not go over speed bumps with out dragging.. going to do 1.5 this year

  • 2007 Yamaha 1100 Classic lowered 2 inches. You would bottom out on bumps and would probably not ride 2 up. You could maybe go 1.5 and get by with it depending on the weight of the riders. My son is 6ft 5 and 300 lbs but had to raise it if he had a rider.

  • Pcs makes a set for pretty inexpensive. I have them and it takes about 5 mins to raise or lower my bike on three different settings.

  • ;) I've used this on 3 1100's, you can't go wrong with air. :)