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Hi new here don't run a Dragstar as my everyday bike but do have a soft spot for triking them as a hobby here's my last one and my latest one

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  • Cheers Glenn, that's great!.,

  • Not a big trike fan but I do like that.

  • hi glenn builing a trike out of one of these myself just wonderd what size wheels to use thanks

  • I need more information what axle /ratio ,engine

  • It's a reliant super robin axle and 1100 dragstar classic

  • The chances are the axle is a 3.23 ratio inless it's marked as a B axle which would mean it's 2.75 ratio .my last 650 Dragstar was a 3.23 ratio I was running 17s with 205x50x17 tyres and that was nippy and could cruise at 70 mph and still pull if needed the wheel size dosent

  • have to be that size just the over all diameter I think the standard Dragstar wheel and tyre is about 26 inch so I would recommend not going any smaller there are a lot of tyre calculators on the net that let you to compare so you could have 15 inch wheels with bigher profile tyres and still get 26ish hope this helps

  • Cheers Glenn

  • Beautiful. I want to ask every one of you which way can I shiny the chrome of my motorcycle and the black tunk except to paint it.thanks

  • I have never had a trike but that looks good

  • is this a hard tail or have you used the mono shock cheers

  • It's mono shock wouldn't recommend hard tail unless you have got massive tyres on the back .

  • And a num ass all the time no fun at all

  • Cheers Glenn