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New toy arrived today not easy moving a trike onto it with out wheels.

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  • What's the make and model of lift

  • Love the colours

  • It's a Foxhunter 1000lb lift (large) cost £319 off kms on ebay with free delivery .for those People who like branded names only you would need to buy a sealy,machine mart,draper etc but take my word for it you get the same chinese lift .I have looked at most (fabricator /welder by trade) don't get me wrong this is no top feet of engineering and yes if I had built it I would have done some things differently but there's nothing that worrys me about safety on it .that will be tested later once trikes on its wheels and I load my 900lb victory on to it .first impressions I'm very happy with it over all

  • Thank you for the above information