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Got a problem on LS2000 had this stuck. Motor wouldn't start due to resistance pretty sure. So got it out finally and motor doing the same thing. Thinking there's more rope somewhere. Where could I look and how could I get to it? Need to get on the water soon..

  • I've done that, loo up close to the shaft bearings, it will be wound so tight it will look like a cloth bushing, also a little piece on the end of an impeller blade, see if you can move it a bit. Unfortunately you can"t rule out internal motor damage and also you can dust a starter like that in a part of a second.

  • How do I get to the shaft bearings. Pretty sure it's not internal motor cause i just got everything redone. Was running fine until cleaned it and put it up and came out to start up and sounds like something is trying to stop the impeller and piston from spinning

  • Right in the area where the rope was in your pic, make sure rope isn't wound so tight on the shaft that it you looked right at it but did see it. I have seen that. ON the motor rebuild, you had it rebuild, before the rope, hate to be a dooms dayer but even a drop of water in a cylinder will blow a new motor

  • Just curious. How could I have gotten water into my cylinder?

  • Just an example, if a drop can bow a motor, another example I have seen people bow a motor with fogging solution. If you were hammering the starter and the motor was stuck with a rope that can be bad luck, more for 4 strokes, your 135's are pretty rugged but it is on the menu.

  • You are sure a thread of rope isn't wrapped in here so tight it looks like a leather washer. I have done that.

  • I got it all out. I'm thinking some of it wrapped inside the other side of that washer

  • And I've only cranked it a few times trying to start it. Not holding for long times either

  • Disconnect the impeller shaft at the motor and see if it starts

  • It could have bent the shaft and that would cause it not to start.

  • How do I do that? Lol sorry I'm still a noob

  • When I got the boat out the water I didn't notice the rope and it's ran just fine on the hose when I went to flush it.

  • In the motor compartment area Follow the to the motor. I would take pics of mine but it's still covered and its 34 degrees still in jersey.

  • Lol ok

  • Take 4 bolts out of rear pump and their are tabs for putting a pry bar to separate them. The whole shaft will come out. Also have to take the steering bolt out and the bolt for the forward/reverse. Pretty simple to do and the whole shaft will come out. Theirs only one bearing behind the so called washer. And it's in the boat behind the engine. I believe it's called a mid shaft bearing. Just replaced mine and impellers and wear rings last spring. Did both sides in about 2 hours.

  • Also if wear ring is egg shaped it could cause it to not turn over and they are common for doing this. I replaced mine with the plastic ones cause they are only 30$ to replace if go bad and it's simple to do. Just cut old plastic one out and remove and tap new one in

  • Also make sure to grease the bearing behind the motor their is a grease fitting on top of the rear of engine for this. The boat I got no one ever greased this and owner thought motor was locked up.

  • Huy Pham Again I am being melodramatic but if you cranked it 3 times that's 2 times past what would blow a starter and blow a motor. I bet over 90% of all starters blow because of a low battery and the starter is turning too slow, With a full battery and a stuck motor it's likely your starter is now at 80%.

  • Other motor cranks just fine. So I know my battery is ok.

  • Thank you for your help Rob Woodard I'll take a look into it soon. School has been eating my time, so it may be a while

  • Huy Pham no problem I just replaced all these parts last spring in my 01 xr 1800

  • Bent shaft

  • Doubt it's a bent shaft

  • I'm thinking bearing or still rope on shaft

  • Here's a link to how impeller comes out