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Love my 650 Classic! had her since near new only 380k's, and my wife of 38 years and I have only in the last 12 months found the 2 wheel dream and have travelled well over 3000 k's thru Sth East Qld. I thought I needed a bigger bike, but she purrs along just fine! Added Airhawk cushions for the longer rides which are a blessing! Just under 8000 on the clock now and lovin every K its putting down! Now the cooler weather is on us, cant wait to explore even more! Panniers and screen from Bibblebar. Highly recommended! I enjoy all the posts on this site! Secretly would love some apes, sshhhhh! Haha

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  • Awesome man. New to riding myself and pleasantly surprised that my wife loves going out too. Took 28 years to finally get the okay. (I had to grow up first apparently)

    Gotta ask where you got the driver back rest from. Would love one for my 650.

  • I'll find the link, it was from Aus here somewhere! Very good Quality! It does push you forward a tad in the saddle but VERY good on long rides! I use a Throttle hold and on the highway its magic to just relax!

  • Very clean :)

  • thats the one! easy to fit

  • Thank You! But dont look too close! Lol

  • You should get some v and h cruisers on there to complete the look :)

  • Thanks mate. Probably what I need to correct my posture while riding. I'll check it out. Love your ride by the way.

  • Jack Clague Sorry mate, too new to this to know what you are referring to?

  • OOOHHH Exhausts! Duh! Senior moment! You know, I kinda like the stocks! they have been drilled out and sound cool!

  • Besides, I'm Monetarily Challenged Lol!

  • Thanks! Just checked my records and yes, the BESTEM was what I purchased! I wish I could tilt my seat up at the front slightly, BUT, I cant lol!

  • Drilled stocks do sound good :)

  • Good enough for me!

  • Drilled stock pipes???? How & where???

  • In My garage! You can do it EASILY!

  • Good Drill Bit, Time, Patience, Coffee

  • Took about 5 mins. I used Engine Black paint to spray over fresh holes to withstand heat!

  • Just be aware that overdoing it may make them invalid to get a RWC if you ever decide to sell

  • Sound better than stock and no where as loud as V&H or similar!

  • Who's selling! !!! This may end up being the Brides Bike. Shes on her learners now!

  • Love the chat all, but work is work and i gotta do it! Take care All!

  • Get it reupholstered to have a bit more padding in the front, might help you out

  • I see you're in Brisbane, theres a guy at Browns Plains that does good work. Good opportunity to reshape the seat and make it more comfy at the same time

  • Bike looks great

  • Well hello Mr Evans, so we meet again. Great looking bike. Good to see your getting out there. I purchased this last year. Great fun.

  • Hey Dave! Great to hear from you! Yes Mate Loads of fun and about to as well! I'm at Watson Electronics so pop in some time!

  • Fantastic. I will drop by soon. Will call first of cause. Loving your white walls.

  • Where did you get your seat from Ian?

  • Very nice bike Ian that back rest is what I need also love the highway pegs