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My new pannier brackets powder coated just waiting for pannier fronts to be painted to match the bike

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  • Cheers

  • Wish I had that skill

  • I don't suppose you would supply me with dimensions, I've been looking for them for a while, I'd seen them in Australia

  • I made-up I a card template with the panniers on bike to get the angles right . Bit fiddly if you look on eBay for fj09 hardcases there is some on there i don't have the template any more otherwise you could have had it

  • Ok thanks I'll look

  • Yes found them yours look better lol

  • Very nice work but you must also add the horizontal bracket among them to minimize the stress when suitcases are loaded,like the original once ;)

  • There isn't a horizontal bracket on this type of Mount otherwise I would have made one. The torsional strength and structural design of the of the mount makes it possible to keep the lines of the bike clean and tidy not cluttered when the boxes are removed. This design is not the same as the one such as you find with the rectangular aluminium outback type of boxes

  • The OEM horizontal adjustable bar ;)

  • Sorry yes that's in thought you ment at bottom where they connect to foot peg on corner