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Started off originally as yellow, had a couple age related marks, tried to match the colour and cover them up but it didn't quite work, then went and fucked the piston up and a load of other parts majorly so ended up getting a new engine for her (old one had 37k miles anyway). Itworked out cheaper than the repair and labour costs. Decided that whilst it was all apart I may as well get a few quotes to get it wrapped and ended up getting all panels done for £200. Really pleased with the results and how it's coming together, few more parts to go on tomorrow if the weather isn't as bad as it was today, then a few parts to be sprayed black and she'll be ready for the road and looking better than ever

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  • Is it in Gloucester?

  • Stourbridge .. Worcestershire just over an hour away from Gloucester

  • Might have to look into it

  • It's worth it .. not exactly perfect but it's really decent as you can see

  • Oooo man

    Y not u asked me to swap all the fearing with me

    I just love yellow

  • My fairing is wrapped..

  • It's still yellow

  • But u wrapped nose cone and Tail isn't it

  • The whole bike is still yellow .. underneath the carbon wrap ..

  • Why

    Isn't it looks good ..???