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Bikes all done apart from chain and sprocket set. Anyone selling a puig carbon double bubble screen for this, and a full exhaust system.. anything but danmoto considered as had one before .. cheers

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  • Who wrapped that

  • aftermarket arrows and something to cover the mirror's holes and it's litterally perfect. sweet ride

  • I know I'm not sure whether to get blanking plates or after market mirrors and I'm getting some indicators soon

  • Who wrapped it then Jack Gilonis

  • That looks brill ☺

  • I like this did u wrap it urself

  • Wrapit.Tk .. check them out, based In Stourbridge, done a real good job on mine.

  • I'd get aftermarket mirrors, police may be a problem without them.

  • Haven't had mirrors since I've had the bike in September, but it's more for my own safety that I'd consider getting them