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PSA, just wanted to let you guys know my experience with heroic racing apparel. I'd advise NOT to buy anything from this company or the owner Todd Mcnabey, I was in the market for some track gear and ordered a pair of his gloves from him, I wanted all black that most manufacturers offer standard as an option, with him it's even more expensive and labeled "custom", I paid him thank god through PayPal 370$ for a pair of track gloves that A* or Dianesse are actually slightly cheaper for their top model. Anyways I "bought these" June 21st still haven't received them, multiple texts throughout the entire time getting a response was like pulling teeth from the man, or I'd get ignored with no response.

So I finally had enough Oct 3rd I sent a claim into PayPal and as a curtesy notified him as well I wanted a refund, he said he'd honor it and there wasn't another word from the man, just got notified and contacted PayPal today he shipped them on the 6th and didn't update until last night.

Amazing how after months the second I wanted a refund they were immediately ready!

He's now trying to shove his product down my throat now that I don't want it by flying under the radar and waiting to notify anyone, (PayPal,me,ect) problem here though is I'm now going to be out of town and won't be able to recover the product.

Told him that I won't be physically able to receive the product and he tells me if I return it to him if the product is "damaged" I won't get my refund.

So how does that sound to y'all? If it's damaged even though I won't be home for more than a month and won't have my hands on the package? Sketchy as shit or what? Did he send me half a glove, a box full of rocks? Lol this guy is insane! And has the audacity to tell me I never called him! I have months of texts asking about my order!

Beware all Moto friends! This guy is shady as hell! Feel free to share!

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  • That's messed up , I just pm'ed he should refund you the money cause we are sharing bad reviews on bike sites lol

  • You just pm'd me or him?

  • Him

  • Maybe if he knows he will get bad publicity he will just back down ? Doubt it but who knows

  • His only defense is that my gloves were "custom" all I asked for was all black that come standard from most manufacturers and that they were "about ready" after four months... Lol look custom dianese gloves!

  • Lol

  • But the kicker is that all his gloves are built to order and he had the template ready prior to my order from other customers so is it truly custom?

  • Pm'd you bro

  • I hate douchebags like this. Show EVERYTHING to PayPal and get your money back!! Please update later, hopefully it all goes right for you.

  • Thanks brother

  • I'm sure everything will be fine check this out guys

  • As you can see I was the one contacting him..

  • Here's a spot to leave reviews. :D

  • What a shame. They look really nice

  • Yep they sure do, but he's got so many repairs and let's be honest gloves are one of the most used pieces of attire on a motorcycle it's a known fact from Dianese or any other brand shit could happen, threads could rip within an hour normal city riding, if that does happen I don't want to wait another four months for a simple stitch repair, understand where I'm coming from? Revzilla any brand I want will be handled within a week or less tops!

  • I totally understand. Sorry you've had to deal with that man. I understand the struggle of dealing with shitty business owners. Yeah I love Revzilla. It's the first place I check for any parts or gear

  • Yep thank god I decided to order all the other pieces of track gear from them never again will I use Facebook via PayPal for anything again, first time I lost 1200$, this time it's "pending for 370$" not worth the risk.

  • Best part about it on another Moto page a guy let me know he ordered gloves two months go and recovered them already why weren't mine that quick? Even though it's two months lol! He put me on the back burner forgot about me and took my kindness and patience for granted

  • That's the worst! Sucks when you try to be patient and understanding and just get taken advantage of like that

  • Here's another kicker when I was placing my order I let him know to take his time but I needed it by end of July for a track day... If it was in do able why didn't he notify me that? Lmfao