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OK so I took a carb off of a 225dr and put it on my 225dr, the other one didn't run because of the carb, cleaned it and put it on mine, runs, but I can't get it to stop reving very high any suggestions? Black one is the one I'm getting going, this was the carb before

  • not get enough gas in carb

  • take torch tip clears and run them threw your jets

  • Jets were cleaned pretty throughly, I saw nothing in them and blew compressed air through them,

  • Jerome Landry

  • Check the float height and a new gasket

  • Both are good, and I hope I don't come off as rude but I fail to see how that would make it Rev high, I could see it leaking but not reving

  • Flooding the bike, but I now see that this is only when you choke it, have you tried setting the carb back to default settings, take the throttle cable off at the carb side and then start it? Also what is the compression like

  • No idea on compression, I know it runs fine, my dx just needed a carb probably 6 months ago so I robbed this one

  • So is the problem fixed?

  • Nope, just about to go out and see if I can figure it out

  • I would start by eliminating some of the problems

  • Look a,little high?

  • Deffinitly high, take it out and turn it 180 degrees then back in

  • That's not down all the way

  • Lol exactly what I predicted earlier lol. I bet you cable is stretched. The casing gets stretched and then doesn't extended the cable out enough to idle down.

  • Don't listen to jarrod.. the slide has one line on it that lines up. If it's down that far It is in the groove if you turn the slide it will be worse lol. It's your cable casing is stretched. Or the throttle cable is adjusted out to far. Or you have your idle screw in to far

  • I had an extra cable threw it on, replaced my plug and it's good to go, just had to adjust the fuel mixture screw, thanks for all the help guys, may have more questions in the future though, sadly the parts wheeler is nicer than mine lol