Photos from Jason Coy's post


Made some slight changes. Still a good bit left to do but will tackle that during winter

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  • Oh wow

  • Ya wasn't a pretty sight but getting her back to the way I want slowly lol

  • What exhaust is that???

  • Mine or his?

  • His. It looks like the biltwell I'm getting so that why I asked.

  • Barron exhaust

  • Did you get your bike painted or is that factory black. Looks kinda matte from the photos

  • I painted it matte black

  • Jason Coy what was your process for painting it and how did it come out it looks good in the pics but up close how is it

  • Scott Bacon McClure I took off parts that I painted which were the tank headlight cover front and rear fenders sub frame bars air filter cover and clutch cover. I have a friend who paints cars for a living so he prepped them just like you would a car and I bought material and paint which cost $90 and he painted in the booth and let dry overnight . They came out better than factory here is a pic of the rear fender I didn't put it back on but very smooth

  • Nice. That is the color I wanting to do but was not sure. Now that I can see it my minds made up

  • Also you bought the material. So what kind of clear coat did you get. Was it a straight matte clear coat or did you have to mix one

  • I paid for it . He did it for a living any paint guy will know the materials

  • Ah I gotcha. Well it looks great man

  • Thanks

  • Any pics of the rear showing the license plate mounting?