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Anyone with forward controls...

My question to you is does it give you more lean angle before scraping the pegs ?

I can't seem to use that last bit of tyre

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  • I have forward controls, you do get a bit more lean angle, but not a lot, you barely notice it.

  • Thanks

  • Personal experience. The slightest bit more. Thats with 6" forwards. The only way u gonna get that last 20mm of the tire is prob with l&m forward controls. But to put it into perspective... i would rather leave that patch of tire there and keep $1000 in my pocket. Lol

  • Haha fair enough just keep grinding them down turn by turn then I guess, I got a little freaked on day going around a corner sliding peg when it hit a reflector and sent up the peg just wish I didn't have the chicken strips and could use all the tread

  • Just lift ya foot up... pretend u on the 450 hitting a turn lol...

  • Lol.. I take weight off the peg now and just barely have my foot on it so there is not to much pressure

  • Low and Mean forward control kit puts pegs 9" forward and increases lean angle significantly. I have a new in box one for sale for $400 plus shipping. t_details&flypage=flypagelm.tpl&product_id=333&cat egory_id=172&keyword=Forward+control+kit&option=co m_virtuemart&Itemid=60